About UIBS / Mission Statement




The United International Business Schools organization aspires to be acknowledged as a private and independent association of business schools of first choice for the quality of its undergraduate, graduate and executive programs and courses. We strive to provide students the inspiring excellence of a private college, combined with the stimulating advantage of a small-scale, cross-cultural and English-speaking environment.

Our study programs and teaching methods are in line with international standards in higher education and are undergoing a continuous process of self-evaluation and self-improvement by means of internal and external quality validation. Among our faculty and staff we give emphasis to such qualities as innovation, flexibility and a continuous sense of advancement.

Our organization, being internationally commended for its academic contributions to professional business and management education, serves a highly unique and culturally diverse student body and endorses both academic advancement and personal growth among its students. Our mission is accomplished through academic excellence, ingenious extra-curricular activities and distinguishing cultural alliances.

We are dedicated to the following educational resolutions:

  • To offer highly-competitive career-oriented academic study programs at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels in a full-time, part-time and online format;
  • To offer a range of flexible non-degree programs to meet the needs of individual students, companies and organizations in the framework of lifelong learning;
  • To uphold excellent quality standards in our academic curricula, pragmatic teaching methods and personalized student services;
  • To welcome qualified students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds, nationalities and religions;
  • To equip students with well-developed analytical, conceptual, quantitative and interpersonal skills;
  • To provide an opportunity to develop specific skills in accordance with one’s interests and talents;
  • To develop among students an understanding of cross-cultural management, global leadership and business ethics;
  • To increase students’ competence in global thinking by offering a dynamic and truly international study environment.