About UIBS / Word from the President




Welcome to UIBS

Our competitive and rigorous international study programs are designed to educate and train students to become well-versed in international business and management. Most importantly, our objectives are to encourage students to think globally and strategically beyond their own national borders and to convey an understanding of other cultures.

We form the new generation of managers who must be hands-on, action-driven, and inquisitive-minded. Development of leadership, management, language and inter-cultural communication skills are the main features of our high-quality career education. The study programs offered by the United International Business Schools organization meet the challenges of an ever-changing and complex international business environment.

Several factors have created a momentum towards globalization. As a quality-oriented educational institution, we respond by further internationalizing and regularly modernizing our study programs to meet the demands of the business community of tomorrow. More than ever, we are developing projects and exchanging ideas together with nationally and internationally renowned organizations and institutions.

We thank you for your interest in our organization and invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment and visit our school. Perhaps join a few classes to experience the quality first-hand and talk with current students and faculty to get to know us better.


F. Kirschstein
United International Business Schools