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Please review the list of required application documents and prepare your digital and/or scanned copies before proceeding with the online application. Missing application documents may always be submitted afterwards to the admissions department by registered mail or e-mail. Digital copies are accepted in PDF and DOC format. Scanned copies are accepted in PDF and JPG format with a 300 dpi minimum resolution. The admissions department reserves the right to request certified/notarized copies of any or all documents attached.

Upon successful submission of the online application form, you will receive an e-mail notification that includes an overview of the information provided as well as copies of the documents attached. Please note that if such notification is not received, the application form has not been submitted successfully. Shortly after submitting your online application, the admissions department will contact you to confirm its receipt.

Apply Online

Should the online application form not function properly on your computer system, or should you prefer to apply by submitting your application documents on paper, then please refer to the following download:

Application Form / view online